Explore Thai food at Time for Lime Cooking School, offers professional on-the-beach Thai cooking classes and Bungalows in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, on Koh Lanta, Thailand.



As spaces are limited and tend to fill up quickly, we strongly advise you to book and confirm by payment in advance.  (Dec., Jan., & Feb minimum 2 days, the rest of the year minimum 1 day in advance).

By booking with us directly, Lanta Animal Welfare will receive MORE money than if you book  through your resort or an agency, even if you only ask them to call.

1st. choice. Stop by in advance.
Check out our place, and confirm your booking with full payment.
(Happy Hours on our famous cocktails:  4  – 6.30 pm)
Times for stopping by:
Monday – Saturday: 10am – 11pm
Sunday: 10am – 4pm  (Cooking School, Restaurant & bar Closed)

2nd choice – Payment ONLINE  minimum 2 days in advance of your class. We can send you an online invoice, which is super easy. You just click  if you prefer to use credit card or Paypal.

IMPORTANT: E-mail us with the exact date and how many cooks and lazy partners, and if it’s confirmed your Resort & Room number

If the class is fully booked we will refund the full amount.

3rd  choice – Call us in advance.
If 1st choice is difficult for you, call us from YOUR telephone or from YOUR bungalow room,  stating which RESORT & ROOM NUMBER  you are in. We will then give you a time for your pick-up.
You can call any time ;o)

1. Cancellations for ANY reason must be done 48 hours in advance of your class, or you will not be refunded your payment. We are s sorry about this but spaces are limited and we can’t afford invalid bookings.

2. We do not accept requests by e-mail less than 3 days in advance in the Months of Dec., Jan, Feb as it’s busy and the bookings change minute by minute.

Group classes for weddings and birthdays etc. can also be arranged, contact us for discounts and information ;o)


You can participate in either one Thai cooking class, or up to 6 different classes, as the menu changes every day at our cooking school. If you wish to take several cooking classes, you can start any day. You can take one class and book others afterwards; you will still get a discount. For professional chefs who want to learn more about Thai cusine and would like to participate in a 6 day class, the period of March to November is usually a very good time to book – there are fewer people on the island and you may end up in a very small class or even a private tutorial! This way you will gain an even deeper knowledge of the secrets of Thai cuisine.

Guests that stay in Time For Lime bungalows, get a one time 200 baht discount on a cooking class.

from Nov. 1 2015  our prices will go a bit up
MAIN CLASS: 16.00 – 21.30

We have had the same prices for 12 years now, but the prices of beach front land rent has doubled! Food products and salary has gone up 60%.

New rates will be:

1 class: 2000 THB
2 classes: 3600 THB
3 classes: 5200 THB
4 classes: 6400 THB
5 classes: 8000 THB
6 classes: 9600 THB

Prices are per person.
As you see above If you take more than one cooking discounts will be given, but only by direct booking at Time for Lime.

EXTRA CLASS: 11.30 – 15.30, (4 hours)

This class will only be held if our main class is full. (Usually NOV. 15 – JAN. 15)
1 class: 1600 THB
Prices are per person.