Explore Thai food at Time for Lime Cooking School, offers professional on-the-beach Thai cooking classes and Bungalows in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, on Koh Lanta, Thailand.



As spaces are limited and tend to fill up quickly, we strongly advise you to book and confirm by payment in advance.  (Dec., Jan., & Feb minimum 2 days, the rest of the year minimum 1 day in advance).

By booking with us directly, Lanta Animal Welfare will receive MORE money than if you book  through your resort or an agency (even if you only ask them to call).

1st. choice. Stop by in advance.
Check out our place, and confirm your booking with full payment.
(Happy Hours on our famous cocktails:  16.00  – 18.30 pm)
Times for stopping by:
Monday – Saturday: 10.00 – 23.00
Sunday: 10.00 – 16.00  (Cooking School, Restaurant & bar Closed)

2nd choice – Payment ONLINE (BOOK NOW button on bottom of the page)
LASTE MINUTE?: We don’t take online bookings the same day, but you can call us or stop by and check availability.


Main class (16.00 – 21.30):
“THE SINGLE COOKING CHEF” Price: 2,000 THB per person
“THE PARTNER PACKAGE” Price: 3,400 THB total for both

As a SINGLE CHEF you can participate in either one or up to six different Main classes, as the menu changes every day at our cooking school. You can start any day.

1 class: 2000 THB
2 classes: 3600 THB
3 classes: 5200 THB
4 classes: 6400 THB
5 classes: 8000 THB
6 classes: 9600 THB

As you see above if you take more than one cooking class, discounts are given, but only by booking directly with Time for Lime.

Extra class (11.30 – 15.30):
This class will only be held if our main class is full. (Usually NOV. 15 – JAN. 15) We don’t offer online bookings for extra class, so please fill out the form under Contact.

“THE SINGLE COOKING CHEF” Price: 1,600 THB per person

Cancellations for ANY reason must be done 48 hours in advance of your class start, to receive any refund.