Explore Thai food at Time for Lime Cooking School, offers professional on-the-beach Thai cooking classes and Bungalows in a beautiful and relaxed atmosphere, on Koh Lanta, Thailand.

ABOUT TIME FOR LIME – Creative Thai Cooking School

The first and the original Thai Cookery School on the island
We were the first cooking school on Koh Lanta, opening back in 2003. We have always been situated on our beachfront location on Klong Dao. Time for Lime proudly built the Lanta Animal Welfare Center with its profits back in 2010, but before the new facility, Time for Lime was home to all the injured and sick animals that needed care and love. Time for Lime is still the biggest supporter of the welfare center, so not only are you enjoying a great night of cooking delicious Thai food, but you’re helping keep the Welfare of the Animal Center too! This is where our new VIP location is situated too.  (Not to be confused with the Thai Cookery School next to the animal welfare center.)


Meet other food enthusiasts from around the world and share the fun of Thai cooking in a relaxed and clean setting. A night of wining and dining, listening to good music, and meeting new friends. Since the cooking school is on the beachfront you will also see, hear and feel the harmony of the sea. Enjoy your time – you’re on holiday!
Our classes are built around hands-on preparation – you learn by cooking and tasting at your own cooking station.

We place emphasis on where to buy good/fresh ingredients and brands and how to preserve items back home so you can achieve the same delicious taste as you do here.
We are very happy to adapt for vegan/vegetarians and those who do not eat fish or shellfish. We also accommodate for those with allergies. Please inform us when booking if you have any special needs.

We believe every meal should be a visual feast as well as a tasty one. Therefore we have a range of plates, bowls and fresh organic materials to experiment with to create your own ‘food art’. This is where you can smile and say, ‘Wow! Look what I made!’

Your instructors and the rest of the team:
Junie has been cooking Thai cuisine for 25 years in both Asia and Europe. Her cookbook “Tid for Thai” is out in Norway and her new cookbook is on its way in English. With her extensive passion and knowledge, she has made make sure that you’ll go home understanding all the ‘whys’ and ‘why nots’ of Thai cuisine.

Noi and Mai are Thai, and both have a great knowledge of the cuisine and also their English is brilliant, no lacking of humor either ;o)

The rest of the friendly staff always get a big round of applause, they are there to make sure everything is in order for you to enjoy ‘happy cooking’.

Welcome everyone who appreciates quality, passion, and atmosphere.
If you only want ‘CHEAP’ please go elsewhere.
Time for Lime is number 1. on  Tripadvisor under cooking classes on Koh Lanta for all the good reasons.



FAMILY class: 11.00 – 13.00 – Kids minimum 6 yrs
This class is designed for families to enjoy cooking together and will be available on Tuesdays and Thursdays. (Adults only should book in one of the main classes)
Includes:  Aprons for big and small, recipes, drinking water, 2 dishes & something sweet.
Price: 990 THB per person

MAIN class: 16.00 – 21.30 – Ages 16 and up
We have scheduled our main class so you can spend your time at the beach during the day. Later in the afternoon/evening when the weather is cooler, your cooking experience can start. We offer two Cooking Class alternatives for the Main Class:

TWICE THE FUN! Designed for partners or friends, allows you plenty of time to cook, while also chilling, learning about making fantastic cocktails, wine pairings and of course DRINKING them too!

You and your partner take turns cooking and hanging out, so you work half as hard yet still get to enjoy all of the delicious food. It’s a win-win for everyone.

Price: 4,000 THB total for both partners


  • Pairs will enjoy the same recipes/transport etc. and amount of food, but alternate at one cooking station.
  • Both partners can participate in the informative Theory and Tasting Introduction and making the essential curry paste.
  • Then, the partners take turns. While one prepares flavorful dishes, the other takes the fun, social and low key cocktail/wine pairing class. Then they switch. All this happens right on beach front!
  • Partners may switch halfway or one partner can choose to do all the cooking while the other learns cocktails.     It’s up to you!
  • Non Cooking partners are welcome to take pictures. Keep in mind, however, that once the kitchen gets moving it’s best to take a step back, relax, and let your partner work their magic in the kitchen.
This is for those who want a full-on, fun and a little hardcore A-Z cooking class experience. You have your very own cooking station and learn to prepare and cook the most flavorful and tasty Thai foods.
Price: 2,000 THB per person

What’s included for both options? 
  • Free transport back and forth (Except Old Town sorry)
  • Theory and Tasting Introduction, Welcome snack
  • The making of curry paste from scratch – hard work, but worth it ;o) 
  • Drinking water (Make sure you bring some pocket money to enjoy our famous cocktails, a nice glass of wine or a beer ;o)
  • Detailed recipes with easy tips and shopping list
  • Your own cooking apron that’s yours to keep
  • Fresh fruit or a surprise dessert
  • Doggie bags for your leftovers
  • Beautiful and helpful memories to bring home!

Special group classes or events can be arranged.  Don’t hesitate to contact us, and we’ll do our best to make your day or evening a special memory to take back home.