Time for Lime restaurant on the beach of Koh Lanta (Ko Lanta), Thailand. Offers a new set menu every day. The Thai and Fusion dishes are inspired from our Cooking School.


It’s overt 13 years since Time For Lime introduced the Cuban cocktail, the “Mojito” (with our own recipe of course) to Koh Lanta. They became very popular among guests and it took about 2 years before other places started trying to copy the recipe (with bad results!) They also misunderstood one small thing, they thought the cocktail was called the “mosquito”… Nowadays no one calls them after this irritating biting insect anymore 😉

Time for Lime’s Mojitos were, and still are, recommended in several travel guidebooks around the world. The owner Junie is actually a big margarita fan and so,  secret experiments have been conducted behind the bar, resulting in a new favourite being born. This one goes under the code name, “medicine” (lemongrass margarita) and  has almost taken over from the famous mojitos in the popularity ratings!

People who like nice wine won’t be disappointed here either. We offer a small but reasonable wine selection, all half dry and fruity that goes equally well with Thai/fusion food or on its own.

We have a 2nd floor, similar to a tree house, which has a great view over Klong Dao beach. Here you can follow what’s going on in the cooking class below, enjoying a drink or a 6 dish Tasting Menu. This is where you can relax and is only ADULTS ONLY zone. (2nd floor closes in low season.)

As we have limited space, we recommend families with children down stairs to come early.
We also also take table reservations and will hold the table for 15 min. of the time reserved.


We have taken back our popular 6 dish TASTING MENU, because of demand. Often when you’re on a vacation, you order the same thing over and over again, because you don’t dare to try new dishes. We have composed a great Thai & Fusion 6 Dish Tasting Menu that changes every day. You’ll get to taste a little bit of everything in one evening. New flavors, new experiences that you will remember and enjoy.
A full VEGETARIAN version of the 6 dish Tasting Menu is also available.

How does the TASTING MENU work?

1. The menu consists of 5 tapas size dishes and 1 small tasting sweet surprise.
The menu is designed for 1 person.
2. The menu is different for every weekday
3. The 6 dishes are prepared separately and usually served separately. The 6 dishes will not necessarily be served in the sequence as the printed menu you receive. But… when you come to the dessert, then you know you have finished!. Together they become: a feast for one person.
The Tasting menu takes about 1,5 hour to enjoy – so no fast food here, sorry.
4. The price for all 6 dishes is 490 baht. The Vegetarian version is 450 baht.

• If you’re only a bit hungry, you can share the 6 dish Tasting Menu, but take in mind this will be a light and not a full meal for 2, and it still will take about 1,5 to enjoy.
(In low season when we are not busy you can also order 1 of the dishes of the day and we will make it as a larger main dish  Main Dish prices: Vegetarian: 120, Chicken: 140, Seafood: 180)
• If you just want a snack we serve our yummy SPRING ROLLS EVERY DAY

See our daily TASTING MENU See our daily Vegetarian TASTING MENU
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BAR: 3pm – finished. HAPPY HOUR on our cocktails from 3.30 – 6.30pm

RESTAURANT: 5 pm – finished. Last order 9.30 pm